Whimsical Heart
There is nothing better to warm your day - and your heart! - than a Matcha Latte with a pretty heart design.
Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
Sweetheart Hot Chocolate
A lovely heart to go with a lovely mug of hot chocolate. Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
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A Little Taste of Heaven
The perfect dessert for an afternoon break.
Photo by Barbori Garnet.
A Lovely Evening Dessert
An ideal way to finish a delicious dinner!
Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
A Perfect Piece of Pear Pie
A mouth-watering dessert waiting to be enjoyed!
Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
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Landscapes (Sky, Sea, Mountains and More)

Pretty Pansies
Cheerful flowers perfect for any occasion or for marketing purposes.
Photo by Barbori Garnet.
Raindrops on Iris
Refreshing water drops on a beautiful iris. Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
One Yellow Petal
We love how one of the tulips decided to be unique with One Yellow Petal!
Photo by Barbori Garnet.
Garden Wall
Flowers can make a bleak wall come to life! Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
Sunny Day Lupins
Cheerful lupins reminding us of sunny days. Photo by Barbori Garnet.
Skies of Blue Lupins
Beautiful blue lupins. Photo by Barbori Garnet.
Queen of Roses
A gorgeous soft-pink rose. Photo by Barboria Bjarne.
Indian Paintbrush
The fiery red of the Indian Paintbrush flower. Photo by Barbori Garnet.
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A Glorious San Francisco Sunset
The streaks of color in the sky and on the water show the beauty of this moment.
Photo by Barbori Garnet.
Fiery Sky
The colors of the sky in this Oregon sunset are simply gorgeous.
Photo by Barbori Garnet.
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